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'Coming of the Cailleach' - Working magic

Because of the lack of records telling us how the ancient peoples worshipped the Cailleach there aren’t really any ‘traditional’ symbols or correspondences but the following should give you some idea, these are my personal opinions:


Balance, rebirth, cycles, endurance, overcoming hardship, honesty, winter, harvest, autumn, night, wind, seas, nature, storms




Grey, blue, black, silver, white, brown

Herbs and Plants:

Woodruff, witch hazel, hazel, hazel nuts, rue, patchouli, honeysuckle, holly, elm, elder, pansy, poppy, rose, tansy, yew, clove, pine, St John’s Wort, snapdragon, magnolia


Rough stones, grey agate, turquoise, blue howlite, pebbles, shells, sea glass


Cats, deer, wolves, owls, cattle, swine, wild boar, goats, ravens, crows


Hammers, rocks, snow, hills, wands, blue, deer, mountains, earth, skulls, spirals, the waning moon, falling leaves


Mountains, rivers, lakes, streams, rocky places, megalithic temples, standing stones, wells, the ocean and marshes.

Suggested offerings are:

Pebbles, hag stones, shells, feathers, boiled sweets (she is an old lady, they always like boiled sweets).


Using a hag stone (holey stone), a pebble or a shell – just sit for a few moments in silence and connect with the earth energies of the stone to bring you balance and connection to the strength of the Cailleach. Feed the birds in your garden or local park, this is a way of connecting with the goddess and also offering thanks. Any craft item made with stones, shells or pebbles would be perfect to honour the Cailleach. Even something simple like painting a spiral shape on a large flat pebble. Make a pebble and shell altar in your garden to honour her, very simple to do – just make a pretty pile of pebbles and shells. Use small shells and glue them to an old picture frame. Create a pebble or shell spiral in your garden. Write inspirational words or affirmations onto pebbles and keep them in a dish in your home. If you have hag stones (holey stones) thread them onto pretty ribbon and hang them over a doorway for positive energy and good luck. Using wire wrap shells and pebbles and make a wind chime decoration for the garden.


Pagan Portals The Cailleach by Rachel Patterson


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