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Working Magic...HAPPINESS

Working Magic...HAPPINESS

We all hope to be happy all of the time but we know life just isn't like that but we can strive to be happy as much as possible (perhaps not first thing in the morning though because that's just asking too much...).

I firmly believe that we create our own happiness, so that means no excuses and no passing the buck - YOU hold your own destiny in the palm of your hand, YOU can make things happen, YOU can create that little golden bubble of happiness as much as you possibly can. Because hey I do realise that life does like to chuck us boxes of lemons at times...

Intent: HAPPINESS Colour: Yellow Crystals: Rose quartz Citrine Herbs: Basil



Incense Blend: Copal




Meadowsweet Tea Blend: Wine...because that makes everyone happy...

The Magic: I wrote the word 'happiness' on a piece of paper and used that as the centre then I charged each herb/spice and crystal that I chose to use with my intent and put them on my altar around the intent paper. I didn't have a plan or design in mind I just used my intuition. Visualise yourself in a happy place with the people that you love spending time with and doing the activities that make you smile... You may have noticed that I also added a piece of cake (custard peanut butter cream pie to be exact) and some chocolate to my magical working I really need to explain? makes me happy... Don't happy...


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