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Glancing back...looking forward

Oh what a year 2017 was…

Oh what a year 2018 will be…

On the book front 2017 saw Pagan Portals Animal Magic published and it has done really well, thank you to everyone that has purchased a copy (or will do so)!

I had the honour of talking at The Enchanted Market in Bracknell back in February and in October at Witchfest in Brighton. Along with being a very small part of the Spriggan Mist Ghostly Tales fun in November.

I will be back at The Enchanted Market in February 2018 with a stall and a talk.

In February we are also hosting a book launch/Kitchen Witch shenanigans/open ritual on Southsea pier, come along and join in the fun…there will be cake.

2018 will see the launch of two books (so far):


July will see me leading a workshop on The Magic of Trees at a new venue for me, the Mystic Heart festival in Dorset.

2018 will also see several Kitchen Witch open rituals to be held at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, keep an eye on the website for more details and dates.

We also have one or two special events in the planning stages…

2017 was a year of blogging for me and it will continue through 2018, you can find my blogs at:

My publisher Moon Books launched a new community blog in 2017 with over thirty writers sharing inspirations and insights

My personal blog and the Kitchen Witch blog both won blogging awards in 2017 oeerrrr!

The Kitchen Witch online School goes from strength to strength due to the fabulous students we have and our lovely Hearth Guardians.

Book writing continues...I am currently working on the second book in the Kitchen Witchcraft series: Garden Magic (which should have actually been finished by now but procrastination sets in) and on a moon magic book (to follow on from Pagan Portals Moon Magic) entitled Beneath the Moon. Then sitting waiting patiently in the wings is Pagan Portals The Triple Goddess...

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