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Animal Magic: The Bee


Without these little critters whizzing about in their stripy pyjamas we would have no food…they are incredibly important. They are a representation of birth, death and rebirth and have been worshipped and honoured in many cultures for thousands of years.

Often mentioned in myths and folklore is the belief that bees are the souls of those that were worthy to come back to earth.

Bees should also be told all the local gossip especially regarding births, deaths and wedding plans…they need to know this stuff. Bees remind us to take the good stuff from life and to literally make hay (or honey) while the sun shines.

Bee tells us to follow our dreams but also with a reminder to plan and save for the future too.


Prosperity, good fortune, communication, gossip, reincarnation, goals, celebration, community, achieving your dreams, productivity, co-operation and focus.


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