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The power of 13 Spell...

Today is Friday 13th and the energy is absolutely buzzing so I decided to create a Friday 13th spell but you could work it at any time. If you wanted to work it and the date isn't Friday 13th - add in the 13 by working it on the 13th day of any month or at the 13th hour (1pm).

I have followed my intuition and gone with crystals and herbs that I selected from my cupboard knowing that they were what I needed, rather than looking up meanings. However, I have added the meanings below just out of interest.

I set it up this morning and lit it for the photograph but I am going to 'work' it properly at 13.00 hours today and spend some time charging the energy for it and possibly even a bit of drumming.

There are 13 candles, each one with an intent:

Love, success, prosperity, friendship, stability, protection, happiness, health, clarity, intuition, peace, balance and abundance.

13 crystals, all selected randomly with the above intents in mind - they are:

Green aventurine - Vitality, growth, confidence, prosperity

Tiger's Eye - Balance between extremes, discernment, vitality, strength, practicality, fairness

Citrine - Manifestation, personal will, mental clarity, creativity

Peacock ore - Joy, balance

Dalmation jasper - Fun, joy

Snowflake obsidian - Perseverance, past life recall, spirit communication, insight

Goldstone - Protection, abundance, energy, success, manifesting, balance, creativity, happiness, stimulation

Mahogany obsidian - Grounding, strength, warrior stone, protection, releasing blockages

Opalite - Stability, balance, communication, removing blockages, strength, success, energy

Sodalite - Access to subconscious and intuitive abilities, enhanced insight and mental performance, deepened intuition

Carnelian - Courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, action

Rhodochrosite - Emotional healing, recovery of lost memories or forgotten gifts, self love, compassion

And a random one that I am not sure of but think it is garnet! -Emotional healing, self-worth, strength, security

The 13 herbs are:

Rose petals - Love, psychic powers, healing, luck, protection, peace, mysteries, knowledge, dreams, friendship, death and rebirth, abundance

Cinnamon - Success, healing, power, psychic powers, protection, love, focus, lust, spirituality, changes

Jasmine - Dreams, money, love, meditation, lust

Hibiscus - Passion, love, lust, divination, dreams

Beans - Wisdom, divination, prosperity

Cloves - Love, money, exorcism, clarity, protection, abundance, repels negativity, prevents gossip, stress relief, truth

Orange - Love, happiness, uplifting, generosity, purification, clarity, energy, fidelity

Sage - Protection, wishes, wisdom, purification, stimulating, intuition, abundance, success.

Daffodil - Luck, fertility, protection, love, exorcism

Mint - Money, healing, exorcism, protection, cleansing, calming

Poppy - Love, sleep, money, luck, fertility, rebirth, grief

Chilli - Creativity, energy, power, protection, passion, hex breaking

Carnation - Healing, strength, protection, release, courage

Well, that pretty much covers everything!

Set on a round dish which accidentally seems to represent the moon, there being 13 moons in a year too.

I wrote a chant, but please excuse my poetry skills, which are quite frankly lacking...

Friday 13th may you bring to me

All the good things in life that be

Include within, gratitude and thanks

Allow me to receive all by giving freely

Life is good, life is blessed

Join with me wishing everyone all the best

I always like to work a bit of gratitude and thanks into spell working as well as requests asking for stuff, seems only polite really.

Once the spell is done I am going to keep the 13 crystals on my altar for a while and the herbs will all be popped on the garden, although I may create an incense blend from them...

Happy Friday 13th to you all - 'tis the day of the Witch!


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