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The story behind the book: The Art of Ritual

My coven holds open rituals and as done for several years, they are great fun and we have met so many lovely people. We also teach about creating ritual within the Kitchen Witch online school and it seems to be a subject that is a bit of a minefield.

Enter stage left...The Art of Ritual book.

I wanted to write something that would work with the basics of ritual, why we do what we do and how for beginners, but also to include some ideas and suggestions for those more experienced.

This book was written by myself obviously, but I struck upon the idea of including some of the rituals we had written and run as a group. I also cheekily asked my lovely support team of Hearth Guardians from the Kitchen Witch School to each write a ritual to include.

So, the book holds a collaboration of rituals for rites of passage, sabbats and all sorts, each of which can be used for groups or adapted for solitary use.

Also squished between the pages are ritual preparation and techniques, working with the elements, raising energy, feasting, ritual planning, tools of the trade, deity and working the magic.

The cover photograph is taken from one of our Kitchen Witch rituals, so I would also like to thank the lovely bottoms that appear in the image...


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