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The story behind the book: Gods & Goddesses Colouring

My very lovely publisher Moon Books asked if my daughter would be interested in designing images for a Gods and Goddesses Colouring book...well yep sure thing!

At the time she was 15 years old and about to start her exams so we scheduled in the summer holiday as drawing time.

Between us we worked out six sections; Hindu, Celtic, Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Around the World. Then taking each section we researched and picked the deities to include - eight in each section making a total of forty eight drawings.

Whilst my daughter Emma spent hours and hours drawing each image my husband created a unique mandala to accompany each deity, also to colour in. And as it was fast becoming a family affair my son Ben wrote most of the chants/poems that also accompany each god and goddess.

In fact, I did very little towards the colouring book other than write a brief description for each deity, who they are and their basic characteristics. And boss them all around obviously...

A lot of time, work and effort went into the book and Moon Books also stepped outside their usual printing process and produced it as A4 size and on very lovely thick paper.

I am incredibly proud of my family for coming together and working as a team to produce a very beautiful colouring book.

Not only is it a colouring book it can also be used with the chants as a meditation aid or even to work specifically with each deity.

I particularly love the image of Maman Brigitte!

The Gods & Goddesses Colouring book was published in November 2015.


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