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The story behind the book: The Cailleach

My publisher, Moon Books has a series of 'introduction' books called Pagan Portals and at this point I had written a couple of books for the series, well more than a couple...

Moon Books then had the idea to include gods and goddesses in the series and immediately The Cailleach started to poke me...and whisper in my ear...and then shout...she absolutely wanted her voice to be heard!

For those of you that don't know me, The Cailleach is my matron goddess and has been with me for many years. She is a feisty, kick bottom, grumpy 'ole bint, but she has proved me with support and guidance whenever I have needed it, even if I didn't know it at the time.

I loved writing this book, it was very personal to me and as it turned out I learnt even more about her along the way.

Even more personal is the front cover of the book, it is a sketch drawn by my daughter, Emma who was aged 15 at the time. The image really speaks to me of The Cailleach, it is how I see her.

The book is filled with lots of stories and folk tales about her from essentially the British Isles but also from her globe trotting. I also wanted to include some of my personal connections with her so it has a ritual and a meditation and ideas about connecting with her.

It was most definitely a labour of love and she was nagging in my ear throughout the whole process. I think she was pleased with the result...

Pagan Portals The Cailleach was published in July 2016 and has continued to sell steadily ever since, this old woman is determined to get her story out there!


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