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Review: Ella Artisan Jewellery

It is not often that I pop a review on here that isn't book related, but occasionally I find something that I am so impressed with that I need to shout about it.

I was looking for a pretty but hard wearing bracelet and after searching Etsy I discovered Ella Artisan Jewellery. They had exactly what I wanted, in fact lots of things that I still want...

After much deliberation I ordered a 'London Blue Topaz Bracelet in Sterling Silver'. Perfect that you can also choose the size you would like it in too.

A few days later it arrived and I love it. The bracelet is really well made, incredibly pretty and also comes complete with a safety chain.

I have been wearing it constantly for several weeks now and by constantly I mean all the time, sleeping, working and showering in it. And it has stood the test, it still looks as beautiful as it did when it arrived.

I have added several other items to my wish list (hint hint...).

There is a page on facebook


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