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Review: Bower Collective Eco Household Products

In my continuing search for eco friendly products I have recently tried some items from the Bower Collective Range. They produce all sorts of products to cover  dishwasher and washing up, laundry, cleaning and household along with many personal care items such as shampoo and hand wash.

I tried:

Limescale remover - Made using 100% naturally derived ingredients, it’s safe, toxin-free and vegan-friendly too.

It worked extremely well, in fact just a couple of minutes soaking on our taps and the limescale was removed.  Very impressive.


Toilet Cleaner Pine & Cedarwood - free from nasties (including petrochemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes and synthetic perfumes). Made using 100% natural ingredients and packaged in our refill pouches.   I purchased their reusable toilet cleaner dispenser bottle as well.  It worked a treat, extremely impressed and no nasty bleach or chemicals either.


I also tried a sample of their beach coconut body wash which smelt divine and created a lovely lather.  Free from nasties, cruelty free, 99% naturally derived ingredients.


Bower Collective also send you an envelope for you to return the refill pouches (up to 10 fit in an envelope).


Overall very nice products, excellent eco friendly-ness and all work incredibly well.  I will be re-ordering the toilet cleaner and limescale remover.



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