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Review: Protection Spells

The very nice people over at Simon & Schuster sent me a copy of Arin Murphy-Hiscock's new book - Protection Spells. I know it seems weird to be recommending a spell book written by someone else when my own Spells and Charms has just been published - but you can never have enough books right?

The book is hardback an the cover design is very pretty.

The book gives an introduction on spell crafting and then covers spells for body and spirit, house and home, family and friends and out and about.

The last section covers rituals and protective objects.

Very comprehensive with some really interesting spells.

The official blurb:

Banish bad energy, ward off unpleasant people, and defend your stuff, your spirit and your space with this spellbook focused specifically on protection. With over 100 spells for protection and defense, and a glossary of protective symbols, stones, and other objects to keep on hand, this book can help you cleanse your room and cast out old negative energies, put a protective and peace-preserving bubble around yourself as you ride the bus, deflect grumpiness and negativity from people you work with—and so much more!


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