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A Sacred Ritual Tattoo Day

Having had several conversations with the Kitchen Witch posse over the past few months about sacred tattoos, and seen the very lovely and talented Suzi Edwards Goose at local fairs and events. We have all purchased beautiful hand crafted items from her in the past but only ever talked about her ritual tattooing.

Until last week...when it happened.

What a fantastic day! There were four of us for tattoos; two had a rough image of a design printed out - a raven and a hare. The other two just said "I want a boar" and "I would like a mermaid with antlers"...

What Suzi created from our very loose and vague descriptions, were masterpieces.

We sat together, holding space for each other, drumming when needed and were led in song by Suzi on occasion too (she has a beautiful voice).

We ate (chocolate, it's good for your blood sugar levels...), we drank (only water and coffee honest!).

We laughed...a lot.

And even though Suzi convinced me to put my boar right smack bang on my ankle bone, it was relatively pain free. Having had quite a number of tattoos in the past I was actually surprised at the lack of discomfort both during the tattoo process and afterwards. I have never had a tattoo heal so easily and quickly before either.

We also joined the crossed broomstick club, each having them tattooed on our wrists.

It was a very special and unique experience and one that we are already planning on repeating in the very near future.

Do take a look at Suzi's facebook page and make sure you catch up with her at a festival or event if you can, her artwork is fabulous. And if you want a very extraordinary tattoo her now!


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