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Review: Wonky Broomstick Subscription Box

I had seen a few adverts around social media for witchcraft/pagan subscription boxes, some themed to the sabbats, others general monthly boxes. I was intrigued, because who doesn't like getting nice witchy presents through the post?

I decided to order a selection to compare and share my findings and thoughts with you. They are all UK based (although most of them do ship worldwide), I did look at USA based subscriptions (and there are some really brilliant looking ones to try) but unfortunately the cost of shipping was almost as much as the box.

I will be posting a review each week for the next few weeks, in no particular order of favouritism. I don't like writing bad reviews as such, but for something like this I am just presenting to you all the information, you can make your choice from there.

The Wonky Broomstick

As well as selling online you will also see the Wonky Broomstick at pagan events and festivals. The boxes are sent out monthly.

Subscription box price: £30 including postage.

Ordered on: 27th July 2018 and it arrived on 9th August. Boxes are sent out around 6th of each month.


Small leaflet with how to make a money bottle spell instructions

A photocopy print out of the Wiccan Rede

Ylang Ylang incense cones

Metal leaf incense holder

Metal pentagram box

Overall thoughts:

I was surprised at how few items were in the box having already received other subscription boxes, however the metal box and incense holder were obviously of good quality.

The photo copy of the Wiccan Rede was a bit blurry and the money bottle spell leaflet would have made sense if the items to create it had been included, it seemed a bit out of place.

If you are looking for one or two nice quality altar items as a surprise each month and not a box containing lots of goodies then this would probably be a good choice for you.

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