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Review: The Village Witch Subscription Box

I had seen a few adverts around social media for witchcraft/pagan subscription boxes, some themed to the sabbats, others general monthly boxes. I was intrigued, because who doesn't like getting nice witchy presents through the post?

I decided to order a selection to compare and share my findings and thoughts with you. They are all UK based (although most of them do ship worldwide), I did look at USA based subscriptions (and there are some really brilliant looking ones to try) but unfortunately the cost of shipping was almost as much as the box.

I will be posting a review each week for the next few weeks, in no particular order of favouritism. I don't like writing bad reviews as such, but for something like this I am just presenting to you all the information, you can make your choice from there.

The Village Witch

Village Witch has a shop and an online store for all sorts of goodies.

Hocus Pocus Hamper - Subscription box price: £30 - this price includes delivery

Ordered on: 21st August 2018 and it arrived on 12th September - boxes are all sent out on the 10th of each month.


Information sheet including a web link for further instructions and a link to a reveal video

Thankful and Joy Aura spray (100ml)

Offering floor wash (50ml)

Mabon oil blend (10ml)

Gratitude powder (10ml)

Mabon incense (50ml)

Autumn equinox cleansing salt mix

Hardback A6 size lined notebook

Yellow candle

Pink candle

Set of 10 rustic wooden coloured pencils

Two Pukka herbal tea bags

A chocolate penguin bar

A small pack of fruit shortie biscuits

Small pack of Fruitella sweets

(the last 4 items are to eat and drink whilst you undo your parcel)

Overall thoughts:

The box is packed with plenty of items, so definite value for money.

Quality of all the items is very good.

The information sheet contains instructions for a spell to use the items included in the box.

The herbals are supplied in a decent usable quantity.

Overall a very good box with lots of nice practical items and all in decent sizes/quantities to be useful.

My favourite item from the box: I love the salt mix.

If you love herbals then this would be an excellent box for you.

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