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Review: The Well Read Witch Subscription Box

I had seen a few adverts around social media for witchcraft/pagan subscription boxes, some themed to the sabbats, others general monthly boxes. I was intrigued, because who doesn't like getting nice witchy presents through the post?

I decided to order a selection to compare and share my findings and thoughts with you. They are all UK based (although most of them do ship worldwide), I did look at USA based subscriptions (and there are some really brilliant looking ones to try) but unfortunately the cost of shipping was almost as much as the box.

I will be posting a review each week for the next few weeks, in no particular order of favouritism. I don't like writing bad reviews as such, but for something like this I am just presenting to you all the information, you can make your choice from there.

The Well Read Witch

A new venture (I received the second box) this is an online store focusing solely on the Well Read Witch subscription box.

Subscription box price: £14.99 - this price includes delivery

Ordered on: 21st August 2018 and it arrived on 13th September - boxes are all sent out in the first week of each month.


A printed A4 sheet showing the Theban alphabet

A handmade pentacle keyring

An envelope with 4 'very berry' tea bags

A box of nag champa incense sticks

A book - Herbal Lore by K J Simmill

Overall thoughts:

The box smelt very strongly of nag champa which is lovely!

The keyring was nice.

The tea bags were popped into an envelope, but with no details of ingredients or brand and being right next to the incense they did have a faint scent of nag champa.

I must admit I was a little disappointed with the book...I was expecting something to sit down and read with my cuppa. The book is self published and unfortunately it does lack a bit in layout and printing of the cover. Whilst it is a nice little reference book, focusing more on medicinal rather than magical, it is a book you would use to look things up rather than sit down and read cover to cover. Which is fine, but as I already have my own book on magical herbs and plants and Cunningham's Encyclopaedia it was a bit of a let down.

With the book retailing around £3.99, a printed sheet, key ring, couple of tea bags and a box of incense I think the box price of £14.99 is perhaps a little steep.

If you are looking for a surprise book each month and you are open to reference as well as reading books then you may like this box.

My favourite item from the box: The key ring was cute.

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