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Get your Eisteddfod on...

The fabulous Wyldwood Radio are hosting an Eisteddfod. Do you feel creative? Go on...enter the competition, you know you want to!

What is an Eisteddfod?

Traditionally an Eisteddfod is bardic competition in which Bards would compete for a title which they would hold for a year until the next Eisteddfod. In Wales today the National Eisteddfod is a major cultural event which lasts several days and is growing in popularity. In more modern times Bards bring their talents to great gatherings in order to compete for titles and prizes, these gatherings are known as Eisteddfodau. This tradition hails back to at least the 12th Century C.E.

This is Cliff Carr, he is the Chief Bard of Wyldwood...and the Eisteddfod judge...


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