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A silver wild boar story

Earlier this year I decided I would like a special piece of jewellery to mark my huge milestone of a birthday this year (50...). I had seen the lovely Pixie Made stall at a few events and loved the items that she makes so I knew that I wanted a Pixie Made piece.

I didn't really know what I wanted and in our initial discussion my entire commission brief was "I want a bracelet, with a boar on and a pretty coloured stone". And that was about the extent of detail I could offer.

The fabulous Pixie Made went away and came back with a sketch outline of a boar and a selection of pretty stones. I made my stone choice and handed over the entire design decision to her...(I am useless at making decisions!).

Fast forward and Pixie sent me a message with the image of my boars being cut from a sheet of silver before they went off for hallmarking - exciting!

And then last weekend it was ready for collection. I was bowled over the minute I saw it. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but it went above and beyond. The bracelet is just stunning and I could not be more pleased with it. The bracelet as a whole is seriously well made but also carries a certain delicacy in the design (which isn't easy to do with a theme such as wild boars).

The boars themselves have such detail to them, engraved with individual hairs and set with teeny black diamonds so that their eyes sparkle. The engraving shows their ears, tusks and cheeky faces too.

Pixie Made is a genius...


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