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Review: Bewitched Botanicals

I had seen Bewitched Botanicals stalls at a couple of pagan events and then they popped up on my facebook feed so I jumped in and ordered.

And was not disappointed...these products are fabulous.

What really drew me in were the bath bomb cauldrons, you have to see them!

So I ordered...several supernatural soaps, a bath bomb cauldron (how could I not?) and a fascinating tub of spellbinding scrub, called 'Smaug'.

Delivery was super speedy and arrived within 48 hours.

Let's start with the packaging which is quite frankly, genius. Brilliantly designed with intriguing names for each product and wonderful little back stories for each one. The soap packaging is also eco friendly recyclable.

And they smell...glorious.

Each soap has a story, so for instance one of the soaps I ordered was called Innsmouth, this is the description from the website (but the story is also printed on the side of the soap packaging)

"Innsmouth, a strange coastal town at the mouth of the Manuxet River. We found this soap at the dark and decaying Gilman House Hotel Spa, famous for it’s cyclopean therapies and unique tentacle massage. Popular with the croaking baying entities that lurk in the wharves, this refreshing but dark hearted scent will appeal to all Dagon worshippers.

Fragrance Notes: Spearmint, Tarragon, Thyme and dark woodsy Oakmoss Sandalwood with a blast of fresh ozonic air. "

I also ordered Herne and Lycacomia soap - all of which smell lush, lather really well and leave your skin soft and not dry as some soaps do.

The cauldron bath bomb (I went for the Frau Holle version) is just too cute for words, you drop the little cauldron into the bath and the bomb fizzes out, leaving you with a tiny cauldron to use for something else. It also smells amazing.

My personal favourite has to be the spelling binding scrub, apart from the absolutely brilliant name of Smaug, it smells divine and leaves your skin feeling glorious.

"Oh Mighty Smaug! Scented with Dragonsblood, but not the real thing because that would be wicked! A decadent scrubby treat for body and soul.

Fragrance Notes: A blend of Amber, Incense, Dragonsblood, Sandalwood Madagascan vanilla, Patchouli/Rose, Blood Orange & Jasmine."

I was incredibly impressed with the speed of delivery, the packaging, the scent and the quality of all of the items - I will definitely be re-ordering.


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