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Review: Be Curious

If you know the fabulous band Spriggan Mist (and if you don't then why not? Get yourself over to their website now) then you will be familiar with Maxine Cilia.

I have had the pleasure of reading spooky tales at their Ghostly Tales gigs in the past and giving talks at the Enchanted Market festivals they run (one of my favourite festivals of the year).

I am always in awe of Max and her musical talents, this woman can play any instrument you throw at her (but don't throw them coz that's just rude) and nothing would phase her, she would get a tune out of it whatever it was.

My recent honour and pleasure was to get a sneaky preview peek at Max's new solo album, and what a slammer of an album it is.

The music has Max's personal amazing spin but I felt it had added elements of Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac and Steeleye Span (all very good things to have).

Max sings and plays all sorts of beautiful instruments with some gorgeous sax and all with a lovely depth of sound.

There are a couple of instrumental tunes too, which would make amazing music to journey with, Lost in India was my favourite. And playing the track The Black Hole loudly through speakers with the lights down is pure magic.

Several of the tracks had me dancing around the room - The Sun and The Hex in particular will definitely get you up and about.

It is a lovely mix of enchanting and magical music from an incredibly talented lady.

You need this album...

The official release date is Friday 21st December 2018.

You can get the album earlier on pre-order now for £10 (+ £3.00 P&P )

PayPal or contact

For more information about Spriggan Mist or Max check out their website


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