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Review: The Reading Room Candle Co

Candles are something that I use a lot of...mostly small plain candles for spell work but I do like to have scented candles about the house too.

A lot of candles have scents that are overwhelmingly fake and some smell nice in the tin but fade as soon as they are lit. But not these...

I stumbled upon The Reading Room Candle Co via facebook and was immediately taken by the designs on the tins of their candles - offering such delights as 221b Baker Street and The Mad Hatters Tea Party.

On investigation the range is fantastically full of imagination and the design work is brilliant.

So I ordered two candles; The Great Hall at Christmas and 221b Baker Street.

The descriptions promised:

221b Baker Street *A Sherlock Holmes Inspired Soy Wax Candle* Arthur Conan Doyle/Bookish Inspired- Old Leather, Smoke and Intrigue


The Great Hall at Christmas- Harry Potter Inspired Soy Wax Candle **Limited Edition** Baked Apple Pie, Frankincense and Myrrh

And...they really do what they say on the tin, each one smelt just as described!

I was also surprised to find they have a wooden wick which was interesting and makes a lovely crackling noise when they burn.

The scent isn't over powering but just enough to fill the room.

They are made from 100% soy so eco and vegan friendly.

Brilliant for around the house or even for spell work with inspired themes and wonderful packaging they would also make excellent gifts.


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