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Review: Shampoo Bars

With five adults in our household there are a lot of shampoo bottles in the bathroom, well there used to be. Until I switched to shampoo bars.

I have tested a few and also conditioner bars as well and have been pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't go back to shampoo in a bottle now.

They are not only eco friendly from the plastic point of view, they are also made with natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals.

Shampoo Bar

Shape: Circle with travel tin

Scents: Peppermint, Lemon, Tea Tree & Lavender or unscented

Price: £4.50 or £5.50 with tin

I love this shampoo bar. The shape is really easy to hold and use and it lathers well. Left my hair feeling soft and soft. And the tin to keep it in is also really useful. I would purchase this again.

Shampoo bar

Shape: Cube

Scents: Coconut

Price: £5 (130g)

I love this shampoo bar. Although it took a while to get used to the shape, it isn't easy to use at first. But it lathers well and left my hair clean and soft. I would purchase this again.

Conditioner bar

Shape: Cube

Scents: Lavender (I chose the version for damaged hair)

Price: £8.50 (105g)

I love this conditioner bar. Again it took a while to get used to using the cube shape. But it works really well on my very bleached hair, leaving it soft. I would purchase this again.

Shampoo bar

Shape: Circle (travel tin also available)

Scents: Cinnamon, clove, peppermint

Price: £7.50 (55g) (tin is an extra £2.50)

I do like this bar because of how well it works, lathers well and leaves your hair soft and clean but it is incredibly expensive compared to the others I have tried.

Conditioner bar

Shape: Oval

Scents: Floral

Price: £6.95

It worked well, I chose the one for blonde hair to take out any brassiness and it worked well. But again, it is very expensive compared to others.

Shampoo bar

Shape: Rectangle

Scents: Lavender, rosemary & geranium

Price: £4.50

I really wanted to love this but the size and shape of the bar made it difficult to use and the essential oils were quite strong, making my eyes water when I washed my hair.


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