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Magical Plants: Daffodil


(Narcissus spp)

Daffodils are one of my favourite flowers, such a welcome sight after the darkness of winter. Don’t eat daffodils because that would be silly as they are poisonous.

Carry daffodil with you for all matters connected with the heart and keep in the bedroom to increase fertility.

Daffodil brings with it the magic of rebirth so is excellent to use in fertility workings.

Have daffodils growing in your garden to bring protection to your house and also to clear out negative energies, also good to use in workings to remove negative spells.

Having daffodils in the house brings luck, love and blessings to your home.

Daffodil Magical Properties:

Luck, fertility, protection, love, exorcism

Ruling planet – Venus

Sign - Leo

Element – Water

Gender – Feminine


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