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My spell candle of choice

I do love a bit of candle magic, in fact it is probably my 'go to' for any kind of spell work.

In the past I have tended to use beeswax candles, the ones that roll up. But over the past year I have been receiving the Freya's Cauldron monthly subscription box. Part of the kit each month are 4" spell candles, so I have been using them on a regular basis.

And I love them! They come in all sorts of colours and they burn beautifully. Lots of drips and shapes just as a proper spell candle should.

I have used candles in the past that disappear to nothing or burn and don't give any drips. Whilst less messy, it doesn't leave me anything to 'read' when the spell is done. I do like to watch the wax and take any readings from it.

Other than highly recommending the Freya's Cauldron subscription boxes - I reviewed them a while back here - Review of Freya's Cauldron Sub Box

I can also recommend their candles and in fact their candle holders, they have some gorgeous wooden ones.

You can find Freya's Cauldron website here


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