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Magical Plants: Pansy


(Viola tricolor)

A perennial plant but often grown as annuals the pansy is a beautifully happy bright and colourful flower coming in all sorts of colours.

Place pansies on your altar to help you focus and find your direction.

Use pansies in all love magical workings, they can help strengthen and deepen love and also attract new love to you.

Use in rain magic spells. Folklore says that picking a pansy on a sunny day will cause it to rain…but I’ve also seen the suggestion that picking a pansy at dawn then sprinkling water on it which will bring rain.

Pansy represents rebirth so can be used in workings for that intent.

And you can eat them…which is always a bonus.

Pansy Petal Tea

Tablespoon of rose petals

Teaspoon of pansy petals

One dandelion flower head

Pop the flowers into a tea pot and pour on half a pint of boiling water, steep for 5- 7 minutes then strain and drink. Or you can add the mixture to your floor wash.

Pansy Magical Properties:

Love, rain magic, focus, rebirth

Ruling planet – Saturn, Venus

Element – Water

Gender – Feminine


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