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Magical Plants: Columbine/Aquilegia


(Aquilegia Canadensis, Aquilegia vulgaris)

Perennial plants found in fields and meadows, I have them in my garden and they self seed everywhere. The Latin word for eagle is ‘aquila’ which reflects the shape of the flower petals as they resemble an eagle’s claw. Columbine comes from the Latin word for ‘dove’ as the flower looks like five doves all sitting together (honestly it does…go have a look). Although the plant corresponds to the element of water I would also work with it as an air plant with the bird connection.

Use in all love magic as it has the power of Venus attached to it. This flower is also a favourite with the world of Faerie.

Carry the flower with you to bring courage.

Add the flowers or seeds to your bathwater to help you gain clarity in a situation.

Use the leaves and flowers in any workings to dispel jealousy.

Columbine/Aquilegia Magical Properties:

Love, courage, faeries, clarity, jealousy

Ruling planet – Venus

Element – Water, Air

Gender – Feminine


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