Bring on the Sun Magic!

My book Pagan Portals Sun Magic is published officially on 28th June 2019...

Available from all the usual online stockists (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository etc) and from some books stores too!

Pagan Portals Sun Magic:

An introduction to working with Sun magic, and how to live in harmony with the solar year and to utilise all the magical powers it provides. A book filled with the basics of the sun cycle, the representations and correspondences, what magic to work and when. A look at the solar year, sun deities, sun spells, meditations, specific sun rituals, sun recipes and more..

The first review:

"What a fascinating title! I can already tell I'll be coming back to this one often, to look things up or just to reread and enjoy. I had a vague knowledge of some of this information, but the depth of it is wonderful and it's laid out very clearly. Sadly it's been raining the last few days so I can't try anything out, but I certainly plan to! A great read, perfect for novices right up to experienced energy workers."

Read some excerpts:

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