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The story behind the book: Garden Magic

Being very firmly rooted in Kitchen Witchcraft I was talking to my publisher Moon Books about a big Kitchen Witchcraft book. The discussion ended up with the idea of a Kitchen Witchcraft series.

Garden Magic is the second book in the series.

I love my garden, it is my sanctuary. Having already written A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Plants and Herbs this was the next step.

Living on the edge of a city my garden is not large, but I cram as much as I can into it. Not only is it a space for me to sit and meditate or connect with nature. It is also my pantry for magical ingredients. I harvest everything; leaves, flowers, seed heads, petals, thorns and anything else that Mother Nature provides. It all has magical properties and uses.

I loved writing this book, it is a great passion for me and it was fabulous to share my insights.

Whether you have a large garden or a window box or anything in between, hopefully there is something in this book that you will find useful.


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