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Out with 2019 and in with 2020

What a fantastic year 2019 was, although tinged with the challenge of hitting the menopause full on (seriously, 'challenge' doesn't even begin to cover it), for the most part 2019 was a success.

It was my honour and pleasure to talk at several events in 2019:

Talk on Sun Magic at The Enchanted Market, Bracknell

Talk on Witchcraft into the Wilds, at the Wild Witchcraft Conference, Horndean

Working with energy workshop at the Sussex Faerie Festival

Interview with Quiet Rebel Bureau

Talk on Witchcraft into the Wilds at Witchfest Midlands

Talk on Kitchen Witchcraft at Witchfest International

As well as the Kitchen Witch open rituals and a couple of very fun live Waffling Witch events.

And books?


were both published in 2019.

My oracle deck, Flower Magic was also published in November.

It was very exciting when Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch hit the 'best seller' mark as well!

What will 2020 bring?

Lots of events have invited me to give a talk, and I am truly honoured.

Sun 5th January live with the Sunday Sofa gang.

Sat 15th February I will be back again at one of my favourite events of the year, The Enchanted Market in Bracknell

Sat 7th March sees the second Wild Witchcraft Conference in Horndean.

Sat 16th May we are very excited to be back at the Faerie Festival in Sussex, such a fun event.

Sat 23rd May I have been invited back to talk at Witchfest Midlands.

4th to 7th June is my first visit to the Pagan Tribal Gathering

Sun 28th June I am pleased to be at the first Midsummer Fairy Festival held in Horndean.

Sun 30th August will be my first visit to the Artemis Gathering.

and Sat 7th Nov I will be back at Witchfest International in Croydon

I have been invited to a couple of other events but sadly the distance (cost of travel/accommodation etc) has been too much of a challenge. But a huge thank you to everyone that has thought of me!

For full details of events please see

2020 books

May sees the publication of my first cook book with Moon Books - Practically Pagan Cooking, which is really exciting!

August brings my first book with the publishers Llewellyn, Curative Magic will hit the stores.

Currently I have two signed contracts with Moon Books for books to write; Beneath the Moon and Kitchen Witchcraft: The Element of Earth...if I can just squeeze in some writing time somewhere...


We have three Kitchen Witch open rituals planned for 2020 in Horndean, full details can be found on the website.

Sun 19th April

Sun 5th July

Sun 20th September

Everyone welcome (please note the new start time of 11am).

Thank you

I cannot thank everyone enough for your continued support, I am truly overwhelmed and feel incredibly blessed to be walking this pathway. I look forward to seeing you all in 2020!


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