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Magical Food - Chocolate


(Theobroma cacao)

Now where do I start? I have to tell you I take my writing job seriously and I do a huge amount of research…this particular subject took some time…and involved a lot of practical investigation…

Chocolate is made from the cacao bean with a combination of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, fat and sugar then sometimes milk powder or condensed milk. White chocolate contains no cocoa solids just cocoa butter, sugar and milk which in my own opinion should be banned…bleuch!

The darker the chocolate the higher the cocoa content, I have actually eaten 99% dark chocolate…it made my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth…not recommended but I do like a nice 70% dark chocolate or a milk chocolate or any chocolate really just not white…

You don’t have to waste … ahem… I mean use your actual chocolate bars in spell work, cocoa powder works very well and it doesn’t melt which is always a bonus.

We have the Mayans and the Aztecs to thank for coming up with chocolate originally in the form of a beverage which was believed to be of divine origin (and I whole heartedly agree).

The cacao beans were used by the Mayans for currency so chocolate works extremely well in prosperity magic.

Chocolate makes you feel good…FACT. It raises your emotional energy and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling so add it to any workings with that intent in mind.

Chocolate is associated with the heart chakra so that links it perfectly with love, along with a very long tradition of presenting chocolates to a lady to win her affections.

It is also nice to take a flash of hot chocolate to rituals…to help ward off the cold when you are standing outside in the middle of a forest with the rain pouring down…

A mug of hot chocolate is also a good carrier to add other ingredients to for any magical workings.

Chocolate Magical Properties:

Prosperity, positive energy, happiness, love

Ruling planet – Mars

Element – Fire

Gender – Feminine

Information from: A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food by Rachel Patterson


Publication 26th June 2015

Food is magical, not just because of the amazing tastes, flavours and aromas but also for the magical properties it holds. The magic starts with the choice of food to use, be added in whilst you are preparing and cooking then the magic unfolds as people enjoy your food. Dishes can be created for specific intents, moon phases, and rituals, to celebrate sabbats or just to bring the magic into your family meal. Many food ingredients can also be used very successfully in magical workings in the form of offerings, medicine pouches, witches bottles and poppets. Let's work magic into your cooking...


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