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A big 'ole BEST SELLER

Having had books published now since 2013 and with 19 of the little blighters out there in the big 'ole wide world already (with two more due to be published next year). You would think when they hit a big sales point I would be bored? That is far, far from the truth. Each time it happens it is cause for celebration, which obviously involves cake...

And then on the odd occasion a book hits a BIG sales point, and by that I mean the official level of 'BEST SELLER'.

I have been lucky enough to have had three books hit best seller status in the last couple of years and then yesterday A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Herbs and Plants became a Best Seller too. That makes it best seller number four...wowzers!

I cannot thank everyone enough for your continued support, you guys are total rock stars and of course the books wouldn't sell if you didn't buy them. Big huge virtual hugs and slices of cake to you all.

Thanks also needs to go to the publisher Moon Books who have published all but one of my books so far and who continue to support me and put books out there full of my waffling.


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