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Pagan Portals The Triple Goddess is published on 26th November 2021 - available to pre-order now from all good stockists!

The book will be heralded by a live online book launch - join me for a talk about the Triple Goddess and a book giveaway.

When? Sunday 21st November 2021 at 7pm UK

Where? The Moon Books facebook page

Join me live to listen to the talk, ask questions and be in with a chance to win a pre-publication copy of the book.

Book excerpt:

The Goddess is for everyone

I believe it is important to note here. Anyone can work with or identify with any or all of the phases of the goddess. You don’t have to be a teenage girl to work with the maiden goddess. You don’t need to be a retired lady of leisure to work with the crone. You don’t have to be female or identify as female. You can be any age, any race or any gender to work with any goddess in any phase. She does not judge; she does not discriminate.

Perhaps each of us has all the phases of the goddess and/or the gods within us already.

The myths and stories of the triple goddess are there to teach us, support us and guide us. On occasion she may even give us a kick in the butt, rest assured she only does that when it is needed.

The triple goddess represents phases of our own lives but also different aspects of our psyche. Part of our journey is to experience and acknowledge each of these different facets of our personality and even in some cases to unite them.

Look to the moon as an example; she goes through each phase in her cycle. She is a shapeshifter taking on different guises as she moves through her monthly cycle. Her phases can also be equated to the triple goddess aspects.

The Triple goddess could also be equated to us as humans having a body, soul and spirit.

She can even be seen in the three worlds; The Underworld, the Middle World and the Upper World. Perhaps even time as in the past, present and future. I also like to link them to the seasons, although you need to include the matriarch for that to work, however I have seen the crone associated with both autumn and winter together, leaving the mother as summer and the maiden as spring.

The Hermetic concept of the Three Principles sees salt, sulphur and mercury which could equate to the Triple Goddess. Salt is the dark, earthly part of the world, sulphur is the light and heaven and Mercury is the intermediate.


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