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A YouTube goal!


My YouTube channel now has over 2000 subscribers.

Thank you all so much ♥

It began with a few videos to highlight my books.

Then I started adding videos of my garden - which I still do.

A few videos were then uploaded showing how to create magical items.

I began to upload short videos covering the magical properties of plants, foods and crystals - these I still add regularly.

Then about a year ago when the pandemic hit hard and we began lockdown, I started giving a live talk via facebook every Friday morning. These I still do over on my author facebook page, 9am UK time every Friday morning. The recording is then uploaded to YouTube (usually by Friday afternoon at the latest).

Next came the online Kitchen Witch rituals run by myself and the Hearth Guardians, these we still run regularly over on the Kitchen Witch Coven fb page. The recording is then uploaded to my YouTube channel.

Followed swiftly afterwards by Waffling Witches - an hour chat with my fellow Hearth Guardians from the Kitchen Witch Coven, also live from the Kitchen Witch Coven fb page. We discuss all sorts of subjects, generally with added cake.

Onto Shooting the Wild Witch Breeze, which is a recording of a fortnightly chat I have with fellow author Elen Sentier. These are aired every other Thursday at 7pm UK time over on the Moon Books facebook page. The video is also uploaded at the same time direct to my YouTube channel.

Add to that a few interviews that I have had the pleasure of being involved in, which are also uploaded.

If you are looking to listen to general witchy wafflings, magical mayhem and general witchcraft shenanigans then please do hop on over...


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