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Magical Self Care: Everyday Ritual for Grief

Keep a nice, big, pretty jar or box somewhere visible.

At the end of each day write something on a slip of paper that has made you happy.

It doesn’t have to be a big event: it could be finding your favourite cake in the bakers, seeing the first flower of spring, or even just being excited to crawl in bed.

If you have lost someone, write a favourite memory about them that popped into your head that day.

Remember to include positive thoughts about yourself too!

Write down when you made someone else happy or did something you were proud of.

If you are having a bad day—or if you want to start the day on a positive note—take one of the memories out and read it, then refold and pop it back in the jar.

Refer back to your jar of happiness whenever you need to.


Time is one of the best healers for grief, but it is important to remember that grief is not the same for everyone. How long someone grieves depends on the person and the situation. There is no time frame. Take your time and allow healing to happen at the pace it needs to.

Eventually, there will come a point when you want to move forward. Magic can help you learn to move past the grief. I would never suggest that you forget, just that you allow yourself to live and to step into the next part of your journey with hope and happy memories.

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