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Author Snapshot Interview: Irisanya Moon

I asked a bunch, or should that perhaps be a 'bibliography' of authors...whatever the collective noun for a group of authors is...a few quick snapshot questions.

This week is...IRISANYA MOON

1. What or who inspires you the most and why?

The ocean inspires me in the way that it's big enough to hold, wide enough to help with perspective, and moved by the moon. 

2. Do you have any set daily spiritual practices?

I wake up at 3am every day for meditation, breathwork, devotional work, and monthly rotations of spiritual development courses/challenges. I visit altars to Iris, Aphrodite, Hecate, and Brigid, sometimes giving offerings of flowers and incense.

3. What is your favourite subject to write about and why?

I love to write about resilience and ways we can hold our magick and our hearts in shifting times. I hold that life is a love spell, a dance of beauty and longing, an experience of asking for what our hearts really want -- and living those desires out loud.

4. Do you have a sacred or spiritual place/area (anywhere in the world) that you feel connected to?

I felt immediately at home when I went to Glastonbury and Chalice Well. I connect back to those places nearly every day.

5. Where do you work your magic/practice your faith? Do you have a special room or area set aside?

I'm lucky to have a home that is filled with altars, inside and outside. My main 'working' altars are in my office here I also write and create and plan classes.

6. What book/talk/article of yours are you most proud of and why?

I'm proud of all of my books (3 coming out in 2020!), to be honest. While I've been a writer for a while, there is something more vulnerable and precious about writing about my magick. I think the book that feels most heart-revealing is Pagan Portals - Aphrodite: Encountering the Goddess of Love & Beauty & Initiation.

Practically Pagan: A Guide to Health & Well-being - Moon Books - Author (November 2020)

Pagan Portals: Aphrodite - Moon Books - Author (September 2020)

Pagan Portals: Reclaiming Witchcraft - Moon Books - Author (July 2020)


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