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Book Review: Pagan Portals Abnoba

This book has touched on a subject that is very dear to my heart. I believe it is really important to re-connect with the ancient deities and McClain has done just that. Filled with a wealth information about the goddess Abnoba taken from historical details and then added to with his own personal journey. It makes for a fascinating read.

The official blurb:

The Gauls were the ancient Celtic people of continental Europe. Deep in the Black Forest, they worshiped Abnoba, the goddess of the wilds. In this book you will learn of the connections that Abnoba has to the forests, rivers, springs and wildlife and explore what we know of the historical record, before looking to similar goddesses. Explore a year of festivals along with tips for building an altar, a discussion of prayers and meditations and a Gaulish dedication ritual. Uncover what Abnoba can bring to your life and the many ways that she can enrich it.


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