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Campanula and Communication Magic

Drawing an oracle card from the Flower Magic Oracle deck gave me a focus for working some magic. This week’s card is Campanula, the meaning of which is – speak out. So, I have given the meaning of the card below along with some other correspondences for ‘communication’.

If you watch the recording of the live video chat I did, you will also see me working a simple candle magic spell for communication. I use some of the herbs and crystals mentioned below along with the oracle card for focus.


For goodness sake speak out! Don’t hold your peace, don’t keep your mouth shut and certainly don’t bottle it up! This is the time to ring all the bells, blow all the whistles and really draw attention to what you have to say. People need to know how you feel, really know exactly what is going on inside that brain of yours. Tell them in no uncertain terms, use plain English and tell it how it is. There are times in life when it pays to be quiet, to sit back and let it all unfold in front of you and let others crash and burn. This is NOT one of those times. If you don’t speak up now you will regret it. If you don’t let others know how you feel or put across your side of the argument, then you are going to be left either holding the baby or pushed aside on the scrap heap and we really don’t want that to happen now do we?


Campanula flowers have a lot of uses within magic. Add them to magical workings to bring on rain or in protection spells. It is said that someone wearing the flower is unable to tell a lie, so they would work well in truth magic. Use them to work with fairy magic or in incense blends or medicine pouches to help you shapeshift. As the flowers are bell shaped I like to use them in magical workings to gain clarity and help people find their own voices.


The Latin translation for the name campanula is ‘little bell’ and that is exactly what the flowers look like, if the bell was purple and soft…The folk name is unsurprisingly…bellflower although in some areas it is also referred to as the ‘harebell’, ‘fairy bell’ or ‘dead men’s bells’. It has been around since the Middle Ages. As with many bell-shaped flowers it is favoured by the fairy folk. The belief was that fairies slept inside the flowers or used them as drinking vessels. If a fair maiden counts the harebells she sees three times as the sun rises she will see fairies, at which point she should curtsey three times and they will send her wishes and luck. The name harebells apparently comes from the belief that the flowers would ‘ring’ when a fox was nearby, warning the rabbit and hare population. The nectar from the flowers was also used by witches to shape shift into a hare… this comes with no guarantee.

Herbs, Plants and Food for Truth

Bluebell, Clove, Honesty, Pine, Saint John’s Wort, Snapdragon, Sunflower, Sweetpea

Herbs, Plants and Food for Confidence

Benzoin, Black Pepper, Fennel, sunflower seed

Herbs, plants and food for Communication

Cranberry, pasta, mint, holly

Crystals for Communication

Blue lace agate, moss agate, celestite, chrysocolla, copper, fluorite, hematite, howlite, kyanite, larimar, moonstone, pyrite, quartz, silver, sodalite, turquoise

Crystals for Truth

Agate, blue lace agate, aventurine (green), bloodstone, carnelian, chrysoprase, garnet, howlite, jade (nephrite), kyanite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, obsidian (black), sodalite, sugilite

Tarot Cards for Communication: The Magician, Page of Swords.

Tarot Cards for Confidence: The Emperor, The Chariot.

Day of the week for communication spells: Wednesday

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 10.5.20


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