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Crystal Magic - Green Aventurine

Aventurine (green)

Green aventurine is the most commonly found, although it comes in other colours such as orange, blue and brown. It is a variety of quartz that contains small flakes that sparkle, these are usually muscovite mica but will sometimes be hematite or goethite.

Aventurine magical properties

Balance, decisions, motivation, leadership, dreams, visualisation, creativity, luck, money, anxiety, calm, opportunities, happiness, adventure, love, courage, truth, comfort, support, healing, peace, connection, perception, intellect, psychic abilities.

Energy: Projective

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury, Mars

Zodiac: Aries

Pop a piece of aventurine in your purse to attract money to you.

Aventurine can help open your third eye and aid with perception.

A really good general all round wellbeing stone.

Suggested cleansing

Cleanse under running water. Recharge in the sunlight preferably near green plant life.

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