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Crystal Magic - Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli

Sounds like the baddie from a James Bond film…it is however a very beautiful and magical stone. Lapis lazuli is composed of the mineral lazurite with added bits and bobs such as calcite and spots of pyrite. The fancy name disappointingly has a boring meaning, it comes from Latin with ‘lapis’ translating as ‘stone’ and some say from the Persian word ‘lazhward’ meaning blue, others suggest it is from the Arabic word ‘aula’ which also means blue. Whatever way, basically it is a blue stone. The Ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli in cosmetics and many Renaissance artists used it in their paint, presumably ground up and not in whole lumps…

Lapis lazuli magical properties

Protection, manifestation, meditation, psychic protection, problem solving, knowledge, clarity, decisions, memory, spirituality, peace, energy, organisation, concentration, stress, luck, negative energy, wealth, abundance, success, love, confidence, truth, renewal, intellect, wisdom, leadership, legal issues, sleep, anxiety, harmony, understanding

Energy Receptive

Element Water

Planet Venus, Jupiter

Zodiac Sagittarius

Place lapis lazuli in the south east of your home or office to bring in the money.

For promotion place a piece in the north side of your office.

Put some in the east of your home to bring good health.

Lapis is a really mental stone, not as in ‘mad as a bucket of frogs’ but as in helping you focus and organise your thoughts.

Suggested cleansing

Lapis lazuli is quite a delicate stone and can chip or crack easily if knocked.

The stone is also slightly porous, so I would avoid cleaning agents.

Cleanse with incense smoke or visualisation and charge under the starry skies.

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