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Dear Diary: Meadow solstice, car jenga, diary changes and blankets

Solstice ritual in the meadow

Finally we seem to have some sunshine! I was beginning to wonder if we were just skipping straight past spring and even summer. I have the absolute pleasure of joining a local group this evening in a beautiful meadow setting for a summer solstice ritual and the sun is shining - perfect. Wishing everyone solstice blessings of all kinds, may the solar energy fulfill your hopes and dreams.

Car Jenga

We are busy at KW HQ as usual, OK let's be honest it is total chaos here at the minute. We are preparing for our first ever 'in a field, at a festival, with a trader tent'. The stock is all ready to go which has taken the team a huge amount of time and effort to put together, Heather and Ness are total stars. The problem? Fitting the stock, my books, suitcases and tents into the cars. Gazebos are huge... Today will be spent doing a practice run of car Jenga to see if it all fits. Somehow we will all get to Pagan Tribal Gathering even if we have to tie it to the roof.


In other news, we have stepped back in time at chez Patterson. It's a simple story of a dog who pees when he greets people, even if he is sitting on the end of our bed. A king size duvet does not fit into the average size washing machine and I do not want to continue going through the hassle of getting it to the launderette on a regular basis and paying the cost to have it cleaned. So we went old school. For the past few weeks we have had a sheet and blankets on our bed and I must admit, it has been a pleasant surprise. One of the jobs I hated the most about changing the bed was wrestling with the duvet cover (to be fair I used to leave that job to Pete). For a menopausal woman a duvet can also become incredibly hot and I continually played the throw the duvet off, pull the duvet back shenanigans on a regular basis. Now I can just have the sheet on if I want and the problem is solved. Well, not the hot flush problem because that continues relentlessly, but at least I don't have to tackle a duvet in the process. We were so impressed we have even converted youngest's bed linen to sheets and blankets too. Whilst we love to embrace progress and modern technology, sometimes the old ways are the best.

Wednesday to Friday

Back sometime in the distant past, at the beginning of lock down several years ago (seriously how is that now several years ago?) I started a regular weekly live chat on a Friday morning as a way of staying connected to folk. It has continued and I have been overwhelmed by the support and we have created such an amazing online community I feel very blessed to be a part of. Last year I had to change to a Wednesday morning to accommodate college runs for the teenager. Now I am in a position to switch back to Friday mornings. I ran a poll on the KW fb group and changing back to Friday was almost unanimous. I will start that in July, keep an eye out for the announcement.


Last week we ran our first workshop at the very lovely Raw Eden Apothecary, all the tickets sold, for which we are truly grateful. We met such a fabulous group of people, it was an absolute pleasure. Our next workshop on moon magic is also sold out already ♥ We look forward to it! We are also hosting a third workshop with Raw Eden on the triple goddess in August if anyone is interested, tickets are available on the Raw Eden website.

Slow going

Book writing has been very, very slow due to all the other commitments, but it is still there, lurking in the background. Although I do have plans to start on Minerva over the summer as the teenager is going to be my research assistant (got to put his A level ancient history knowledge to good use!). It will be an interesting collaboration, the first challenge will be getting him out of bed before lunchtime...


Orders for the online Emporium have been flying in - huge thanks to everyone for your support, we truly appreciate it.

Dragon Magic Workshop

This Saturday! 22nd June starting at 6.30pm we will be going live with a FREE online dragon magic workshop to celebrate the release of my latest book Pagan Portals Dragon Magic. Join us for a talk about dragons, some beautiful images of dragons from Matty Greenfield, a dragon ritual and some hints and tips on working with dragon magic. Streaming live to the usual fb pages and YT channels.


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