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Dear Diary: Trader tents, dog pee, spiders and my groupies

Last Wednesday the Kitchen Witch team headed off to Nuneaton for the Pagan Tribal Gathering. Whilst we had been a few times before, this was the first time we were to have our very own trader tent.

What we had underestimated was the amount of stuff we needed to take with us; gazebo, tables, books, witchcraft goodies, food, chairs and that is before we packed our own clothes.

Having never put up a gazebo before we have to give our heartfelt thanks to David who leapt into action and put the gazebo up for us, he was a total superstar. Big thanks to Rik as well for lending us ropes and tent pegs (which we didn't have!), I think it would have blown away if we hadn't had them.

As always, big thanks to Pia, Ashley, Cathy and the team for putting together an amazing event. Such a tremendous amount of work, time and effort goes into planning and running something like this, we are in awe.

The KW trader tent meant we were right in the heart of everything all day and we could sit and watch the world go by and of course meet and greet all the lovely doggies that came into our tent, oh and their owners of course.

We learnt that having a trader tent at an event:

  • Requires a huge amount of car space

  • Needs tent pegs and straps to stop it blowing away

  • Yellow tents confuse the bees

  • Tents fill up with spiders

  • Dogs like to pee on the corners of tents...and tables

  • The gods like you to offer them half of your porridge, even accidentally

We also learnt that a trader tent:

  • Gives you a central point that allows you to watch everything

  • Allows you to sit and crochet (we made crochet bunting)

  • The three of us can talk continuously about all manner of things for five days solid

  • People on camp are lovely and everyone is friendly

  • Fresh Rootz make the best pakoras ever

  • Being invited to a handfasting as a guest for a super special couple is priceless (and yes, I cried)

Seriously, everyone on camp was (as always) so friendly and helpful but as they say...there is always one:

Whilst I was out wandering around the field, Ness and Heather were in the KW tent and were approached by a person who asked if they were my 'groupies' and whether they 'answered the phone and made the tea'. I am super proud of them for not swiping the person around the head with the camping stove. So for reference:

I write books, it takes a lot of my time to not only write them but also promote them.

I also host the Pagan Portal Podcast (aided and abetted by Matty Greenfield).

This blog and my YouTube channel are run by me.

Talks at events are usually just me waffling, but always supported by Heather and Ness although I am pushing Heather out into the world of talks as she co-ran the Tree Magic talk with me at PTG.

Kitchen Witch School is run by all three of us (myself, Heather and Ness) we share the duties and support for the students.

The Kitchen Witch YouTube channel is run by Heather and Ness.

The Kitchen Witch blog is run by Heather and Ness.

I rarely get involved in the KW blog or YT channel, this is all down to these two lovelies and their hard work.

Kitchen Witch online rituals are written by Heather or Ness and hosted by all three of us.

Online workshops and independent courses that we run along with workshops are written and hosted by all three of us.

They do an infinite amount more than make the tea. Although to be fair Heather is a very good tea lady...and Ness often chauffeurs me. They both of course know how to deal with me, which is a skill all in itself. Together WE are Kitchen Witch, not one of us, but ALL of us.

The best part of Pagan Tribal Gathering was being together ♥



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