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Drawing Down the Sun

I think sometimes as a witch the moon tends to get pride of place and the sun perhaps takes a back seat? But it is an incredibly powerful source of natural energy and magic. If you assign to the ‘general’ school of thought about gender (although it differs in cultures and beliefs) the sun is a very strong masculine energy that balances with the feminine energy of the moon.

How does the sun make you feel? When the sun shines on a beautiful spring day after we have been subjected to rain, wind and snow. Turning your face and feeling the warm rays of sun. Having a picnic in the park or sitting on the beach on a warm summers day. Makes you feel mighty fine, that’s how it makes you feel!

Now, I must admit I am not one to lay on a beach topping up my tan for hours, I am most definitely an English rose (and by that, I mean white and pasty). Besides too much sunshine fades tattoos… However, I do appreciate the sunshine and I love being out in my garden when it is shining. And of course, I love working with sun magic.

The sun provides us with much nourishment not just in the form of Vitamin D which is necessary to keep us healthy but also in providing sunlight for plants and food to grow.

Magically sunshine rays can be used to charge tools and crystals, to cleanse and purify pretty much any object or even yourself and focused through a magnifying glass onto paper or dry leaves it can even create fire (very carefully). Just as we work with the phases of the moon for spell work, the sun has special times and phases that can be used to correspond with magical workings too. It also has a whole load of herbs, plants, foods and crystals associated with it.

And just as there is a tradition of drawing down the moon and her power into your body you can do the same with the sun.

Drawing down the sun

Stand outside in the sunshine, at the time of day of your choosing. Make yourself comfortable with your arms thrown open wide. Allow the energy and warmth of the sun to enter your body, filling you with energy. Either feel the energy entering your body through your hands and running through your veins to every body part or visualise breathing in the sun energy through your mouth. When you feel that you are finished remember to thank the sun. Afterwards send any excess energy to the Universe to forward where it is needed.

This is my version of a chant/poem to recite when drawing down the sun:

God of the sun, you have many names in many cultures across time.

You are a constant source of life, energy and passion.

In the heat of the day we ask you to shine your light upon us.

Honour us by joining with us and allow us to feel your presence within our heart and soul.

Move your feet apart and raise your arms to welcome the sun.

When you feel the sun’s energy and the presence of his spirit:

I am the father of all life

I am the passion of living

The flames of growth

The spark of creation in the earth

I am the sparkle of light on the water

Whenever you have need during the daylight hours

Any day of the week

Look up to the skies and feel my heat

I am the spirit within you

Whether on your own or gathered as a group

Look to me, learn from me

And honour my wisdom

I will share my knowledge, passion and strength

Celebrate under the sky

Dance in the light of my rays

Eat, drink, sing and make merry

All in honour of my name

I am the spirit of passion and love for the earth

Share my love and joy to all beings

Strive towards your goals

Keep your faith strong

Love and respect one another

My power and might will open doors for you

I will shine the light to guide your way

My spirit and energy will fill you with the power

And desire to keep you on the right pathway

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 5.7.18


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