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Evolution of an author: Celebrating 10 years

February 2023 marks ten years since the publication of my first book.

I have Trevor from Moon Books to thank for my unexpected entry into the publishing world. When I suggested Kitchen Witchcraft was a good subject for Moon Books then new, Pagan Portals series, Trevor encouraged me to write it. That as they say, was where it all began.

Ten years on and Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft is now officially a best seller.

Of course since then the books have literally fallen off the shelves, from my little grey cells to you, the lovely readers.

2023 will see my 27th book published, 24 of those have been with Moon Books.

Five of those are best sellers and a couple of others are very close to becoming best sellers too.

Four of them are available in audio book format.

I have learnt a lot about writing since those first scary, innocent days.

That first book has a scattering of smiley faces for starters, something I haven't done since.

I also used a lot of ellipses...

Those first couple of books are also full of exclamation marks!

"Multiple exclamation marks," he went on, shaking his head, "are a sure sign of a diseased mind." - Terry Pratchett

One of the other things to note is that my pathway has changed somewhat since I wrote the first books. Not a huge amount, but I have continued to learn and take on board flotsam and jetsam from other pathways, courses I have taken and books I have read. Witchcraft is a fluid and an ever changing journey and thirty years on from when I first stepped on board the Pagan pathway, it is no surprise that it has transformed and keeps doing so.

When I started writing books YouTube and video talks were not really front and foremost. This is an area where I have found a voice and a side effect of that has been to become part of an online community, for which I am truly thankful.

My thanks to Trevor for setting me on this journey and for his continued support and encouragement. Huge gratitude for those of you that have joined me on this adventure and continue to purchase my books.

Enormous thanks to the Kitchen Witch team for their work 'behind the curtain', I wouldn't have the time to write without the help and support from the fabulous posse.

And to my husband Pete, who now sings regularly in the wings on my Friday morning chats, and makes the coffee along with all the posters, PR and social media back up and for putting up with me when I am in Evil Editing the Manuscript mode.

Currently I have four more signed contracts with Moon Books for manuscripts that I am working on.

I also have a signed contract with Animal Dreaming Publishing to produce four oracle decks.

You just can't keep me quiet!


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