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Exploding spells: A cautionary tale

Every new moon I work some magic usually in the form of writing a cheque to myself from the universe.

Occasionally I feel inspired to work some candle magic too which is what happened yesterday.

I did my usual cheque writing and then set about creating a candle magic spell for new opportunities, success and prosperity.

Candle magic

My candle magic is usually set in a ceramic dish I have specifically for that purpose. It has a central dish with a 'moat' around the edge. Basically it is a small 'chip n dip' dish but it works perfectly for putting a candle in the centre and surrounding it with herbs, crystals or magical ingredients.

I like to keep things simple so I started with a gold candle in the centre which I sprinkled with dried lemon balm. Around the edge in the 'moat' I put cinnamon bark, dried beans and popped lotus seeds.


I lit the candle and sat back to watch the flame. I never leave a candle unattended although sometimes I might be doing other things in the same room I do keep an eye on it. However on this occasion I was drawn to sit and watch...

Thankfully I did because once the candle had burnt down to the end and was just a flame eating up the last remnants of wax that had melted onto the base... there was an almighty loud 'CRACK' followed by herbs and beans flying across the altar and the dish split in two. Flames were now taking hold of the velvet cloth underneath and pretty quickly made a start on the varnish on the sideboard beneath.

I blew out the flames as fast as I could but everything was too hot to handle so I had to run and get a pair of tongs from the kitchen to pick up the burning embers to stop it spreading.

The outcome

The outcome was a melted hole in the velvet cloth and a scorch mark on the sideboard and of course a ceramic dish that is now in two pieces.

If I had been in another room I dread to think what would have happened as there were plenty of flammable items on my altar including the altar itself and above it several shelves of books.

It was a harsh reminder that flames should not be left alone and perhaps also that new moon energy can be pretty powerful!

Originally posted on Beneath the Moon, Patheos Pagan - 27.2.17


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