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Household Magic: The Bathroom

If you had to work a spell and the only room available to you was the bathroom, what would you use? Yep, I know it is a bizarre scenario and one that is fairly unlikely to happen. But I find it helps me to focus on what magic I could work with the everyday household objects that are found in the bathroom.

Bath – A ritual bath is the obvious one here. Add herbs, spices and oils to your bath water that correspond with your intent. Whether you want to release and purify before a ritual or provide healing or love energy (or anything else). I do recommend popping dried herbs, spices and flowers into a piece of muslin or organza bag and hanging it over the tap rather than sprinkling it all into the bath, it helps when draining the water and not having to unclog the plug hole!

Also be mindful that adding oils to the bath water can make the bottom and sides of the bath very slippery.

Sink – fill with water and sprinkle dried herbs or oils on the top, use it to scry with.

The plug – this can be used in the bath or sink as a means of releasing energy or removing blockages. Fill the bath or sink with water and then use the plug as a symbolic gesture to release the blockages.

The shower – this is perfect for washing away negative energy.

Shampoo, shower gel and soap are all forms of cleanser so they can be added to any spell to help cleanse, purify and remove negative energy.

Shaving foam – have fun with this, it can be used to draw sigils or symbols on your face, body or in the sink or bath, these can then be washed away.

Plasters – sticking plasters are used for protecting cuts. So it makes perfect sense (to me anyway) that a plaster can be added to any spell work to bring protection. It can also be used to bring things together with its sticky energy.

Makeup remover – can be used to wipe away any kind of glamour and reveal the truth.

Toilet – a classic receptacle for anything that needs to be removed. Write a persons name or a bad habit or issue you want to be rid of on paper and flush it down the toilet. I would recommend writing it on toilet paper so that we don’t add any more issues to the eco problem.

Flannels/face cloths – can be used to wrap your herbs, spices and flowers in, tie up with ribbon and hang on the tap.

Mirror – oh mirror magic, that is a whole subject on its own, which we will cover at some point. But it is reflective surface which can be used for divination, shadow work and seeking the truth.

Scissors – use to cut ties and cords that bind or attach you to negative situations. Nail clippers can be used for the same purpose

Toothbrush – a make shift wand perhaps?

Toothpaste – as you brush your teeth visualise the toothpaste helping you to communicate clearly and concisely. Releasing any communication issues or blockages of speech. You could use mouthwash in the same way.

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