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Very excited to introduce you to a book that has taken me a few years to write, it is a tricky subject and I wanted to get it right!

Pagan Portals The Triple Goddess is published on 26th November 2021 - available to pre-order now from all good stockists!

The book will be heralded by a live online book launch - join me for a talk about the Triple Goddess and a book giveaway.

When? Sunday 21st November 2021 at 7pm UK

Where? The Moon Books facebook page

Join me live to listen to the talk, ask questions and be in with a chance to win a pre-publication copy of the book.

If you have done any kind of delving into Paganism you will have come across the term ‘The Triple Goddess’. It follows the idea that the goddess has three facets: the maiden, the mother and the crone. The triple goddess represents many things such as birth, life, death (and rebirth) and the phases of the moon, waxing, full and waning. Whilst in the form we recognise it may well be a modern idea, I believe it still gives a wonderful way of working with the goddess and her phases, to help us evolve and understand our own pathway through life. This journey can help you to embrace your own personal power.

I have explored some of the myths, history and meaning within this book, presenting you with my own personal views but also information that I have found in my research so that you can come to your own conclusion. My primary focus is for you to find your own pathway and walk a personal journey with the Triple Goddess in a way that suits you. I have hopefully provided you with the beginning of a path for you to follow…


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