Kitchen Witch: What's On in September?

Kitchen Witch

What’s On in September

(All times BST/UK)

Open to all, every event is free:

Shooting the Wild Witch Breeze with Rachel & Elen

7pm -

Thursday 9th September

Thursday 23rd September

Friday Magic talk (live) with Rachel Patterson

9am - and

Friday 3rd September

Friday 10th September

Friday 17th September

Friday 24th September

Kitchen Witch Autumn Equinox Ritual, Live, Online

7pm -

Sunday 26th September

Guided Meditation

8am –

Wednesday 15th September

Waxing Moon Ritual, online

7pm –

Saturday 11th September

For Kitchen Witch Subscription Students Only:

Distant Reiki with Gypsy

TBC, keep an eye on the fb group

Student Lesson Workshop (live) – Deity

7pm -

Saturday 2nd October


Sat 11th September Rachel and the Kitchen Witch posse will be running a Sun Magic workshop at the Sussex Faerie Festival


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