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Magical Food - Black Pepper

Black Pepper

(Piper nigrum)

We probably all use black pepper on our food but it has amazing magical properties too.

The black pepper corns we are familiar with are the berries (red in colour) that are picked before they are fully ripe from the pepper tree which can grow up to 20 feet tall. The seeds are then dried in the sun and turn black.

Black pepper corns are brilliant in protection sachets, bottles and amulets they also help to release jealous thoughts and feelings.

Also useful in powders to protect the boundaries of your property and to repel any negative energy, mix ground black pepper corns with paprika and chilli powder to really bring in the protection…this also makes a very hot spicy dry rub for use on chicken or steak.

Peppercorns also work well in personal amulets and pouches to bring out your inner strength and give you that hot peppery roar of confidence when you need it.

Used medicinally as a gargle black pepper can paralyse the tongue so it makes sense to me to use the peppercorns in workings to stop people gossiping about you.

If you have a visitor at your house that you don’t want to return just after they have left you can throw a pinch of black pepper mixed with salt after them, this should prevent them from coming back.

Black Pepper Magical Properties:

Protection, exorcism, jealousy, negativity, strength, confidence, gossip

Ruling planet – Mars

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine


Publication 26th June 2015

Food is magical, not just because of the amazing tastes, flavours and aromas but also for the magical properties it holds. The magic starts with the choice of food to use, be added in whilst you are preparing and cooking then the magic unfolds as people enjoy your food. Dishes can be created for specific intents, moon phases, and rituals, to celebrate sabbats or just to bring the magic into your family meal. Many food ingredients can also be used very successfully in magical workings in the form of offerings, medicine pouches, witches bottles and poppets. Let's work magic into your cooking...


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