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Magical Herb: Bergamot

This past winter was a wet one and I lost quite a few of my herbs. I decided this year to replace them with some that I haven't grown before.

Bergamot is a herb I am familiar with in magical workings, so it will be interesting to watch it grow and develop in my own garden.


(Monarda didyma, Mondarda fistulosa)

A perennial garden herb with bright red flowers and large toothed pointed oval leaves. The flowers grow at the top of long stems from midsummer onwards. (There are also white and pink varieties). Bergamot is also a member of the mint family. Bees absolutely love bergamot; hence the folk name ‘bee balm’. Use the leaves and flowers.

Bergamot in a sleep pillow ensures not only a sound sleep but interesting dreams.

Rub a bergamot leaf in your hands and rub them together, this will encourage good friendships.

Keep a dried bergamot leaf in your wallet or purse to ensure money keeps coming in.

Sprinkle a powder made from ground bergamot around your home to ensure abundance and success.

Pop a pinch of dried bergamot into an incense blend to help develop your psychic abilities.

Bergamot Magical Properties:

Abundance, meditation, sleep, dreams, clarity, friendship

Sign – Gemini, Libra

Element – Air

Gender – Feminine

Taken from A Kitchen Witch's world of Magical Plants & Herbs by Rachel Patterson


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