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Magical Self Care: The Basics

I don’t promise to have all the answers. I can’t promise that my suggestions are a quick fix (because they aren’t).

What I can do is offer the solutions I have come up with from my own experiences. I can present to you different options and ways of working to overcome some of the issues that most people have to deal with at some point. It probably won’t be easy. And it will definitely take some time and effort on your part, but it really will be worth it.

  • Most importantly, remember that you are never alone, particularly with this online world.

  • There is always someone somewhere that will listen.

  • You are important.

  • You are amazing, no matter what you think on a bad day. Remember that you are just experiencing that…a bad day. Underneath it all, you are amazing.

  • There is nothing that cannot be sorted, dealt with, or handled in some way.

  • Don’t give up. It is OK to have a day off and start again the next day, or even the next week.

  • Be kind to yourself and be gentle. Learn to trust your intuition.

  • You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. You just might need a bit of TLC and some fine-tuning.

Recognising, Acknowledging, and Accepting

One of the first steps to taking control of your emotions is to recognise the character traits that are causing issues or the bad habits or cycles you have gotten caught up in. Without recognising them, it is difficult to move forward. Some of them are there for good, others can be tweaked a little, and a few can be removed completely. You are who you are. DNA and the influences you had growing up will have set a few of them in stone. But by realising what they are and acknowledging them, you can choose what to do with them.

Each of us is an individual, and we are all motivated by different things.

Don’t make yourself ill by doing what you think you ought to rather than saying no for the benefit of your mental and emotional health.

The world is full of people; some good, others not so much. You will meet a few difficult people along the way. They all have their own story. Remember their story is not yours.

Once you have worked out what your prompts are, then you can learn to recognise and deal with any issues, hopefully before they present themselves too strongly.

Remember to accept that “stuff happens” as well. You cannot be expected to deal with everything all at once, and even once you are familiar with it all, sometimes issues slip through the net. Once you catch it, you can deal with it.

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