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Mobile Phone Magic

I was thinking about how much we use mobile phones.

It is quite sad to watch a parent walking down the street pushing their child in a stroller, looking down at the phone the whole time. Aside from the obvious danger of not looking where they are going, how much are they missing? What about talking to the child about what they can see around them? What about actually taking a moment to look at the scenery themselves? I do fail to understand, but perhaps it is just my age?

Anyway…let me be clear here, I do have a smart phone and I use it a lot! It has helped me immensely in being able to work from home for a start.

But what about magical uses for it? It got me thinking.

Manifesting - I often put an image on the home or lock screen of something I want to happen, bring into my life or speed up. It means I see it often and add my energy to the ‘spell’ to boost it.

Meditation – I often plug in earphones and listen to guided meditations or relaxing music, played from my phone via Spotify or YouTube.

YouTube – I will admit I don’t watch videos via my phone, the screen is too small for these poor ole eyes. But I do know a lot of people use their phones to watch YouTube videos. Some of them even use them to watch my talks, which is fabulous. So the phone is used for learning and connecting with magical folk.

Reference – the phone makes an appearance quite often to look up something. Obviously this could be anything (usually an actor that we have seen on a TV programme and can’t remember where else we have seen them). But it can be used for looking up magical properties, correspondences, deity info etc.

Plant identifying – we all have those moments when we are out and find a plant that we can’t identify. The phones have wonderful apps that take a photo of the leaf or flower and show you options of what it might be. Incredibly useful particularly if you are foraging.

Music – perhaps an obvious one, but music can really boost your soul and spirit and can help with magic. Playing a song that corresponds to your spell or ritual can really help increase the energy. It doesn’t need to be Pagan music but there are some really good Pagan bands out there.

Compass – my phone has been used on a number of occasions to locate the directions when holding an open ritual. The compass app is very useful.

Moon phases – there are a number of really good apps on phones for tracking the moon phases, most of them also include the sun signs as well.

Tarot/oracle – you can find lots of apps on the phone for doing tarot or oracle card draws, daily cards or readings.

Crystals – I need to look these up, but there are apparently some good crystal guide apps available.

Journal – you can keep a journal, just about life in general, record your dreams or even perhaps a concise version of your BOS.

Vision board – apps like Pinterest provide really excellent formats for creating online vision boards to manifest your desires. You can create different ones without the use of paper and glue!

Life is busy and hectic these days and for most of us it is about getting the balance.

The phone is a useful tool for making our lives easier, being connected and also as a magical tool.

What do you use yours for?


If you would like to watch the replay of my talk about phone magic, click the link below:


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